Season 8

Episode Number 104: DR. MARK WEXLER

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Description: Sexual banter and harassment in the workplace – Which bad jokes, double entendres, racial epithets and other practices are acceptable in today’s offices and factories? Which are actionable? Dr. Mark Wexler, Professor of Business Ethics at the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University and the author of the upcoming book, “The Organization of Scandal: Disrepute in Unexpected Places,” discusses the changing work environment.

Recorded: January 9, 2014

Episode Number 105: Gordon Price

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Description: Six-time Vancouver City Councillor, GORD PRICE, is the Director is the City Program at Simon Fraser University. He reflects on how our local municipalities are doing on urban planning and his favorite topic – transportation.

Recorded: January 16, 2014

Episode Number 106: Chris Taulu

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Description: CHRIS TAULU, The Executive Director of the Collingwood Community Policing Centre, has been an incredibly accomplished community activist for over 40 years now. She talks about the kinds of principles and goals that keep her on track and she shares with us the excitement of the Biltmore Hotel in its new life as a home for the homeless.

Recorded: January 23, 2014

Episode Number 107: Bev Holmes & Colleen McGavin

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Description: There is a new national initiative called Strategy for Patient Oriented Research. Bev Holmes is with the Michael Smith Foundation and Colleen McGavin is a volunteer with Patients as Partners/Patient Voices Network. Together they spell out for us how ordinary citizens are being asked to be part of the process of how medical and health research is done and how the results and findings are delivered and put into action.

Recorded: January 30, 2014

Episode Number 108: Jef Keighley, Shaw TV

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Description: Jef Keighley lives on the Sunshine Coast, and like a lot of people in this province, he is dependent on B.C. Ferries. Now, the Provincial Government is announcing almost $19 Million in cuts to service, eliminating free trips for seniors and introducing slot machines on several routes. is doing everything it can to mount support in opposition to these moves.

Recorded: February 6, 2014

Episode Number 109: Harry Bains, MLAt

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Description: Surrey mayor Diane Watts is pressing the Provincial Government to establish a new Community Court in her city system similar to the program in Vancouver. NDP MLA’s Harry Bains, Sue Hammel and Bruce Ralston are backing this initiative and urging Premier Christy Clark to establish as quickly as possible a system that they believe is cheaper, more effective and more equitable for all in dealing with petty crime. Harry Bains, representing the Surrey-Newton riding, explains.

Recorded: February 13, 2014

Episode Number 110: Bruce Bird

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Description: Can anyone in Canada afford to retire? What is happening to all the private and public pension funds? The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) is urging an upgrading of Canadian Pensions. Bruce Bird, the Chair of CARP, North Fraser Chapter, joins us in studio.

Recorded: February 20, 2014

Episode Number 111: Mike Andruff

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Description: Mike Andruff wants you to vote. The civic and municipal elections are only 252 days away – November 15th and voting numbers continue to drop to embarrassing new lows. Andruff has created a grassroots initiative called
and he is hoping to get more and more people to realize how precious their franchise is and how they must exercise their democratic right and duty.

Recorded: March 6, 2014

Episode Number 112: Carlos Moreira

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Description: Carlos Moreira, Vice President of UNIFOR, local 111, is one of the organizers of METRO VANCOUVER ALLIANCE (MVA), a new community based association of people from Community, Labor and Faith. Carlos explains the origins of the MVA, its goals and concerns – Housing, Poverty, Transit and Social Isolation

Recorded: March 27, 2014

Episode Number 113: Dr. Karl M. Williams

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Description: So many of us are baffled and alarmed when we learn that a violent offender has been granted unescorted day passes or partial or full parole. Are these fears well placed? Dr. Karl M. Williams is a forensic psychologist whose primary focus is risk assessment of dangerous offenders. He suggests that 99% of decisions made by courts and parole and corrections are appropriate and productive.

Recorded: April 3, 2014

Episode Number 114: Catherine Adamson & Margaret Birrell

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Description: The vast majority of families in Canada affected by a wrongful death are denied access to the legal system, and the law severely restricts their compensation. Catherine Adamson and Margaret Birrell are members of the Wrongful Death Law Reform Group. Most members of this group have lost loved ones through medical errors. They are frustrated with our current provincial law, “The Family Compensation Act,” which discriminates against children, seniors and people living with disabilities.

Recorded: April 10, 2014

Episode Number 115: Kara-Leigh Bloch & Elmer Cardinal

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Episode Number: Guest

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Description: The United Way has experienced some serious short falls in donations this year. As a result they have made some very tough decisions about cutting funding to programs, including programs that support seniors with very little resources of their own. Kara-Leigh Bloch is the Executive Director of the Seniors Services Society and Elmer Cardinal is a senior who was able to use their programs to get back on his feet.

Recorded: April 17, 2014

Episode Number 116: Ruth Meta

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Description: The Downtown East Side, Canada’s most notorious neighborhood, is in the news most days. Lately, the stories have all been about the firing of the management team at the Portland Hotel Society and the perceived conflict of interest between the head of Atira Housing and her husband, the head of BC Housing Authority, which funds Atira. Ruth Meta has lived and worked in the DTES and Strathcona for 18 years. She is a business operator, a keen observer and a political activist. She shares with us her perceptions of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Recorded: April 24, 2014

Episode Number 117: Joann Perry and Marcy Cohen

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Description: Vancouver Coastal Health has decided o shut down and/or cut budgets and programs at five local Community Health Centres and squeeze all services into a facility at 8th and Ontario. Joann Perry and Marcy Cohen have been patients at Mid-Main Community Health Centre for some years and they are horrified at this move. As they should be. This is a bureaucratic play that cannot stand the test of reasonableness.

Recorded: May 1, 2014

Episode Number 118: DR. BRIAN DAY

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Description: Dr. Brian Day is the President and CEO of Cambie Surgery Centre. He is the Past President of the Canadian Medical Association. He and several others have entered a lawsuit to be heard in the BC Supreme Court ( arguing that Canadians have a constitutional right to ready and timely health care deliveries and that they have the right to pay for those services if they choose.

Recorded: June 5, 2014

Episode Number 119: Brad Saltzberg

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Description: Brad Saltzberg is the B.C. Director of Putting Canada First, a non-profit organization that promotes the maintaining of “Canadian Values.” The organization ( talks about cultural identity, official languages, immigration, affordable housing, foreign ownership of resources, health care and temporary foreign workers.

Recorded: June 12, 2014

Episode Number 120: Don Wright

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Description: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL has been fighting for human rights world wide for 50 years now. These days they are concentrating on a STOP TORTURE campaign. Don Wright is the Regional Activism Coordinator.

Recorded: June 19, 2014

Episode Number 121: Dr. Peter Froese

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Description: Dr. Peter Froese is the Executive Director of The Federation of Independent Schools Associations of B.C. FISABC has a very interesting and useful perspective on the current teachers’ strike and its underlying and persistent issues.

Recorded: June 26, 2014

Episode Number 122: David Christopher

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Description: is concerned with issues of privacy and censorship and police, government and corporate intrusions into the lives of Canadians. David Christopher is the group’s Communications Manager.

Recorded: July 3, 2014

Episode Number 123: Mark Leiren-Young

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Description: Mark Leiren-Young is the Renaissance Man of local show biz – actor, comic, stand-up, song writer, singer, playwright, writer for radio, TV, magazines, books, director in radio, TV and movies and now the Theatre Critic for The Vancouver Sun Newspaper. He talks about a life on the stage(s) and the current state of the performing arts in town.

Recorded: July 10, 2014

Episode Number 124: Doug McCallum

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Description: With Dianne Watts stepping down, three-time Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum has declared his candidacy for the November elections. Mr. McCallum is stressing a ward system, crime reduction, fiscal restraint and improved transit in his campaign talking points.

Recorded: July 17, 2014

Episode Number 125: Jak King

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Description: Jak King, with the Grandview Woodlands Residents Association is, along with so many others in the neighbourhoods around Commercial Drive, thoroughly disenchanted with the way Vancouver City Council plays at “engaging” citizens. He has called the whole process “a sham.”

Recorded: July 31, 2014

Episode Number 126: Pat Johnson

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Description: Antisemitism in some of its most virulent and ugly forms (desecration of Synagogues, smashing of shop windows, placards and chants of “Kill the Jews”) is on the rise in European cities. Why? What are we to make of this? What can anyone do? Pat Johnson is on the editorial board of The Jewish Independent, a Vancouver newspaper.

Recorded: August 7, 2014


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