Season 7

Episode Number 92: Jordan Bateman

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Description: CORPORATE WELFARE BUMS. Jordon Bateman, BC Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, demonstrates the often questionable relationship between governments and private business. Why do we give tax monies to for-profit enterprises, large and small? And how do you get on the list?

Recorded: September 12, 2013

Episode Number 93: John Winter

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Description: John Winter, President & CEO of the B.C. Chamber of Commerce, is concerned about the shrinking of one of our most important enterprises – tourism. What should the industry itself be doing to raise the bar? What should government be doing?

Recorded: September 19, 2013

Episode Number 94: Jesse Johl

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Description: JESSE JOHL represents the Hillcrest Community Centre, one of six local centres that is resisting the Vancouver Park Board plans to have all centres managed from a central Park Board office. The six centres disputing this ONE CARD move by the Park Board say that is it simply a money grab and that it will destroy the volunteer lifeblood of all community centres. What ever happened to the concept of community engagement?

Recorded: September 26, 2013

Episode Number 95: Jonny Morris

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Description: The Canadian Mental Health Association, B.C. Division does not approve of the idea – floated by some local mayors – that we should re-open Riverview Mental Hospital. Jonny Morris, Director of Public Policy and Provincial programs, explains why.

Recorded: October 3, 2013

Episode Number 96: Amanda Pollicino

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Description: Amanda Pollicino, Managing Director of the Vancouver Rent Bank, explains on its first year anniversary what the Rent Bank is, how it is funded, how it works and how someone in need can apply for help.

Recorded: October 10, 2103

Episode Number 97: Allen Garr

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Description: Vancouver Courier editorial columnist, Allen Garr has been covering the shenanigans at City Hall since covered wagons. He weighs in on a wide range of crimes, misdemeanors and accomplishments of the current administration.

Recorded: October 17, 2013

Episode Number 98: Dr. Brain Finnemore

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Description: The Decision by the Supreme Court of Canada to ban assisted suicide was recently upheld in a judgement by the B.C. Supreme Court. Dr. Brian Finnemore, representing both DYING WITH DIGNITY and RIGHT TO DIE CANADA, explains how he has come to support the patient’s choice in this matter, and what safeguards and protocols he feels are important should we change the law.

Recorded: October 24, 2013

Episode Number 99: Rob Turnbull

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Description: The Street To Home Foundation ( is doing something real, substantial and substantive about homelessness. They are building supportive housing units and moving people in off the streets and into self-sustaining decent, clean homes. The President and CEO, Rob Turnbull, shares the struggles and the triumphs of this story.

Recorded: November 7, 2013

Episode Number 100: Dr. Bob Hindmarch

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Description: The University of British Columbia (UBC) is thinking about reducing its financial commitments to traditional team varsity sports like football and basketball, investing instead in newer athletic activities like ultimate Frisbee. For some, this raises serious questions about funding resources and whether this move is a part of the several decades old thrust towards giving everyone who shows up a blue ribbon – lest – horror of all horrors – someone might feel like a loser.

Recorded: November 14, 2013

Episode Number 101: Gale Stewart & Chelsea

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Description: It’s estimated that up to 50% of BC’s foster youth will experience homelessness and many of them develop mental health issues like anxiety, depression and addiction as a result of their traumatic childhoods and the stress of trying to cope on their own.

Aunt Leah’s Place is one of the only organizations in the Lower Mainland dedicated to preventing these kids from ending up on the street and preparing them for adulthood and independence. Aunt Leah’s also provides housing for vulnerable aboriginal teen moms and helps them learn to care for their babies, thus preventing their infants from entering the foster care system in the first place.

Gale Stewart, the Executive Director, and Chelsea, a client, are in the studio.

Recorded: November 21, 2013

Episode Number 102: Sandy Garossino

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Description: Sandy Garossino is a lawyer, former crown prosecutor, entrepreneur, business leader and philanthropist. She is also the force behind the VANCOUVER NOT VEGAS COALITION that stopped the development of a two acre gambling casino next to BC Place. Now, she has some serious questions for BC Ferries Corp. who are planning to add gambling to your Georgia Straight experience.

Recorded: November 28, 20133

Episode Number 103: Katharine Ford

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Description: Modern life has created new stresses on our bodies, our hearts and our minds. Staying fit in this high-speed electronic culture is a whole new challenge. Katharine Ford is now in her fifth year running a unique and highly effective health and exercise centre called “The Fitness Table.”

Recorded: December 12, 2013


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