David Berner has made numerous media appearances and written several editorials to share his views on the current state of Canadian drug treatment programs.

Selected Press Clippings:

GLOBAL NEWS ON HEROIN DEATHS, Monday, October 13, 2014


Finding a Better Path to an Addiction-Free Life
by Editor in Chief, Dave Obee, published Sunday, May 19,2013


CNN International’s documentary unit focuses on INSITE, the safe injection site for heroin users in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. While many other cities around the world are considering this strategy for their own problems and many in Vancouver applaud the program, addictions therapist and Executive Director of the Drug Prevention Network of Canada, David Berner, thinks the whole idea is misguided and destructive.

The Vancouver Sun – David Berner Challenges, Charms Reader
(Interview – April 5th, 2013)

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(Interview – March 13th, 2013)

CTV News – Former Addicts Show Support for Recovery Programs
(Interview – September 30th, 2012)

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(Interview – September 23rd, 2012)

The Vancouver Sun – Can David Berner Reduce Harm Reduction?
(Interview – June 21st, 2012)

RoadKill Radio – INSITE Insanity
(Audio Interview – November 1st, 2011)

The Vancouver Courier – Harm Reduction Advocates Target Addicts and Critics
(Interview – September 15th, 2010)

The Nanaimo Daily News – Community is Key to Addiction Help
(Interview – November 12th, 2009)

Planta: On the Line – David Berner
(Audio Interview – October 27th, 2009)

The National Post – Handing Heroin to Addicts
(Editorial – June 16th, 2009)

The Province – The Harper Government is Headed the Right Way in the Battle Against Drugs
(Editorial – August 22nd, 2008)

The Province – Our Drug Addicts Need Real Treatment, Not Mouthpieces for Their Crack Pipes
(Editorial – January 4th, 2008)

The Province – We Need Programs That Get Junkies Off Drugs, Not Keep Them Addicted
(Editorial – December 21st, 2007)

The Province – Let’s Stop Pushing Policies That Turn Women into Drug-Addicted Chattel
(Editorial – December 16th, 2007)

The Tyee – The Politics of Addiction Treatment Part 1: Mayor Sullivan Wimps out on Drug Treatment
(Editorial Series – April 17th, 2006)

The Tyee – The Politics of Addiction Treatment Part 2: Drug Treatment Can Work
(Editorial Series – April 18th, 2006)

The Tyee – The Politics of Addiction Treatment Part 3: Addicted to Red Tape
(Editorial Series – April 19th, 2006)