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Way More Than Hope May 3, 2013
By Bob Ransford

David Berner is a man who is all about stories. For years, he’s sat there and very ably prompted stories from others: actors, politicians, business tycoons, and a myriad of other characters. He’s told funny little stories about his life experiences, shocking real life tales and everyday anecdotes that make us think about ourselves and the community around us.

I encouraged him a few years ago to tell his own story, with a focus on the truly heroic, ground-breaking work he did for years saving lives and helping drug addicts, drunkards and God’s other lost children.
That story needed to be told because it is a great lesson, an inspiration and a fascinating study of our modern society, with all of its hardships, struggles, realities, triumphs, ironies and hope.

David has not only told the story, he’s told it with brutal honesty, sharp insight, engaging humour and critical self-assessment. David teaches without lecturing. He preaches what he practiced. Moreover, he simply writes well and his prose sings. Reading his book is fun.

The crazy stories about that period of pioneering practice in addiction recovery are now there in one concise tome, evidence that there is hope. We CAN help those who let themselves follow a path that leads nowhere. David has helped hundreds. He proved it is possible and it is worth it.

With a passion that comes from real experience, David continues today to battle those who want to give up on those who need help and can be helped. He’s relentless in his criticism of those who theorize about harm reduction instead of compassionately acting and helping people take control of their lives and stop harming themselves and the rest of us. That’s because he knows what hope is all about.

David’s story is one of hope. Read it. You’ll laugh, learn, cry, cringe and really care.