Season 11

Episode Number 166: Fred Scarfe

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Alcohol and cancer? Most of us have never made that connection. But the National Cancer Institute in Washington, DC and the Cancer Institute UK among many others have concluded that increased alcohol consumption carries with it a very serious increased risk of cancers of all kinds. Fred Scarfe, a retired local firefighter, made this astonishing discovery and has approached many health authorities, including the provincial Minister of Health, and asked why this information is not being messaged to the general population and at risk women in particular.

Recorded: September 9, 2015

Episode Number 167: Marshall Smith

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Description: The Recovery Movement is all about addictions of every kind and how people are moving on and leaving their booze and drugs, gambling and overeating well in the past. Marshall Smith, the Director of Corporate Development for Cedars at Cobble Hill, a major treatment centre here in B.C., is a perfect spokesman for Recovery as he is himself a recovered user and an eloquent advocate for people choosing sobriety.

Recorded: September 16, 2015

Episode Number 168: Gary Mason

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Description: The Federal Election is approaching on October 19th and all party leaders are running off at the mouth. Watching the proceedings closely is Globe and Mail columnist Gary Mason, who was our very first guest on this show over years ago. His third appearance with us is a beaut.

Recorded: September 30, 2015

Episode Number 169: Dr. Amit Mathur

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Description: Telemedicine has arrived. Dr. Amit Mathur is the COO of LIVECARE.CA, which brings general practitioners and health care specialists into your home, office, plant, sports venue, ambulance or remote community or work site via screens and the internet.

Recorded: October 7, 2015

Episode Number 170: Tracy Porteous

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Description: Violence continues to savage our homes, neighborhoods, work places and playgrounds at a dreadful pace. Tracy Porteous is the Executive Director of the Ending Violence Association of B.C., which has literally hundreds of programs and people in place working hard to eliminate this scourge from our lives and to diminish its impacts wherever possible.

Recorded: October 14, 2015

Episode Number 171: Erik Lees

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Description: Are you ready to be laid to eternal rest in a white shroud or a wicker biodegradable casket and lowered into an unlined grave, possibly unmarked or marked only with a tiny rock? If you are, then you are one of the many people now opting for Green Burial. Erik Lees is a much accomplished landscape architect (Lees + Associates) and a founding member of Green Burial Society of Canada.

Recorded: October 21, 2015

Episode Number 172: Chris Friesen

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Description: Chris Friesen, the Chair of the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance, has asked Prime Minister Designate Trudeau to extend his timeline on his election pledge to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada to the end of 2016, rather than the end of this year.

Recorded: October 28, 2015

Episode Number 173: Bob Mackin

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Description: Last year the provincial government spent $20 Million deleting and hiding emails and other information from the taxpayers. BC Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham recently released a report strongly criticizing this government for their handling of public records and Freedom of Information requests. No one in BC has made more of those requests and caused more of an irritation to this administration that local free lance journalist Bob Mackin.

Recorded: Nov. 4, 2015

Episode Number 174: Michael Danks

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Description: Every year, North Shore Rescue receives on average over 90 emergency calls from people who have often headed for the winter hills without proper clothing, equipment or preparation of any kind. Michael Danks, a full time fire fighter, is one of 50 volunteers with the rescue team and he explains the joys and challenges of life among the clouds.

Recorded: November 18, 2015

Episode Number 175:Tonia Grace

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Description: Violence inside local prisons has been increasing dramatically. Both inmates and staff are at risk and often the issues are gang related.Tonia Grace, an Abbotsford lawyer often represents both inmates and guards seeking compensation for not being made safe.

Recorded: December 9, 2015

Episode Number 176:Phil Eastwood

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Description: Phil Eastwood, for 8 years a policeman in London, England and then here in New Westminster, BC for 27 years, has written a marvelous book called “Handcuffs to Handshakes, Leadership lessons from more than 30 years of handling humans.” Phil emphasizes that the key to good policing is listening and communications. He now runs training programs for government and industry through his private company, The Fiore Group Training, Inc

Recorded: January 6, 2016

Episode Number 177: Christine Harris & Tom Sandborn

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Description: Lindsey Longe, a young man who had struggled with mental illness & addiction issues died in 2012 while in what is called a “supportive living” facility. His body was not discovered until three days later and his mother, Christine Harris, only learned of his death by reading a notice on Facebook.To this day, may questions have not been answered and local journalist Tom Sandborn has chronicled this bureaucratic nightmare in The Tyee. This obscenity is only the tip of an iceberg.

Recorded: January 16, 2016

Episode Number 178: Katharine Ford

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Description: “Sitting is the new smoking.” So says Katharine Ford, the owner and chief instructor at the Fitness Table Vancouver, where people focus on building and aligning their core and spine for overall health & fitness.

Recorded: January 20, 2016


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