David Berner has given numerous lectures about drug addiction and Canadian treatment programs.

Here are two of his most notable:

The Truth About Addictions

This speech was given by David Berner to the Arbutus Rotary Club on January 4, 2008.

Everyone is looking for a “silver bullet,” the magic pill or piece of legislation that will make the costs and heartaches of addictions evaporate.

Moving away from addictions can only be accomplished through hard work. Millions have done it. So can you and you and you.

The History of X-Kalay

This speech was given by David Berner to the resident clients, staff and guests of the Behavioural Health Foundation in St.Norbert Manitoba on August 28th, 2009. The BHF has been in business in the Winnipeg area for over 40 years and it is the original X-Kalay Foundation now renamed and further developed. It continues to take in addicts, alcoholics, ex-cons and others and turn back into the community clean and sober citizens. It boasts over one million Clean Person Days.

David was asked by Jean Doucha, the current Executive Director, to share with this group of over 100 people the history of their work – how it all came to be, some 40 years ago, and what it is now, and where it will go. For him, it was a deeply profound and moving honour.